Thursday, October 4, 2012

Changing with the flow of emotions, the art of life

I don't think I was born being anything. I think I became something, I started loving something, I started hating something and i started feeling after the fact. The fact is that the reason for every single one of my decisions and behaviors, which are based on my emotions, have everything to do with my experiences and what I been through in life itself. Think of me like a painting. The meaning of my life is subjective. My life is the blank canvas. My experiences are my paint and my decisions represent the brush that drives my life wherever I'm going to end up. I am what I believe I am. if I didn't have an opinion/emotions or if my opinion of the world and myself is consider abnormal, in what me and you call "real world" , I would be considered retarted, maybe slow, sick and probably most likely depressed and anxious. You see I'm not against the idea of a cure but I'm against dependency and long term effects that come along with numbing yourself from emotions in general. Numbing yourself from sadness and sorrow which are the emotions that take up the most energy in our life, is numbing everything in general. You cannot numb bad energy without numbing good energy and I'm not the first person to say this. You cannot be completely healthy and fine in a sick world. What is normal? It is usually just something that isn't different. At the end this is subjective just like life itself, we get mad and happy everyday and thats the essence of life. Smiling through the hard moments even though its tough. I'm not one to know about your own experience but I know of many that even after physical cures it remains the same. Let me rewind. My individual perspective has led me to be be proud of the fact that emotions are the root of who we are and not language and individual opinion. Doing what I'm doing now its awesome, but what's not to say being able to form an individual opinion through language ruined the meaning of understanding one another, individually, without judgement. I guess it's too much power for us, this whole "being able to talk thing" and having our own opinions. Being able to build an individual opinion lets you build an individual opinion inside an individual opinion and so on. Sounds complicated but it is simple. We built the general opinion that it is okay to feel offended over individual opinions. This only leads you to forget that your opinion are only yours, based solely on the fact of what you have gone through, therefore exactly the same as anybody else's but foreign from one another. it's a contradiction to feel the need to express yourself freely all the time and get offended constantly. You might be doing the same thing you don't like. The solution it is not shutting down our freedom of expression but accepting that we all think entirely different. "Telling people you are offended is the same thing as saying you can't control your emotions and everyone else should do it for you" our emotions are responsible for everything we do but people seem to treat them like an option. Emotions aren't an option. They are in charge of the flow of life and you must have control of this flow in order to make the right decisions. When you learn your own emotions are in charge of the feeling you get when you feel offended, you will realize it is you and not anybody else. Even if they person is doing it on purpose, why give them what they want? Accept people think different and you cannot control how they feel and the actions they choose, but they can, just like you. Laugh it off, walk away and remember life is nothing but your own masterpiece in the gallery of life.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Everything i am

I would have never expected to be where I am today
I would have never thought it was you out of all who would meet me halfway
And the more the days pass the more I want to stay,
Because me and you belong together like burglar and pepper spray
I know I am the burglar who stole your heart
But can we make art to the sound of your farts?
Baby, I just want be at the top of your chart
But I don’t want to make corny jokes like Bart.
Enough cause im not your girl no more, im your wife
And I thank god everyday you are in my life.
You have opened my eyes and brought me down to earth
Now im constantly giving birth to the idea of how much im worth.
You make me feel worthy
And you have taught me that even alone I shouldn’t feel thirsty
You are solid and I love how you love to make sense
I fell in love with this suspense
Because you know that I don’t believe anything unless the evidence is immense.
We strive everyday to make a difference in our connection
We take affection to a neutral direction
We practice recollection
And we admit our imperfections…
I cannot ask for more from you
Im stuck to you with my crazy glue
That glue that you equally stick to, that you can’t undue
And that allows me to love you fully through.
Feeding this connection with the truth of our heart
Leaving nothing out and maybe looking a little bizarre
But it doesn’t matter because we are both stars,
We are the main characters and we do what we want.
We have no space to be affected by society
We are so close and I will work to preserve this diagnose.
Being equally loved back?
That’s the way I like it the most.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

A girl needs wings

My Image of you like the memories are distant but not forgotten.
It's been a mystery who you were since i didnt get to experience it the most.
I was young, not sure who i was. The little kid you were i use to applause.
One thing i knew is that your life was so fun and i only remember your smiles that came with a probable cause.
I remember your patience i use to admire,
it was so beautiful your attitude i use to aspire.
At that time i had no clue your life was meant to expire.
I was just a little girl thrown in the burning fire.
A girl needs her dad to teach her things.
A girl needs a dad to giver her wings.
Wings to give her patience to understand men better.
You cant go into war without knowing your enemy,
you cant win a debate if you dont understand the other point of view,
you cant win a man's heart if you dont understand their basics.
And these basics should come from your own dad.
Regardless of your absence i found myself.
I seeked for who i was in my mom and had to guess who i am from you.
Girls, Better than google you have this huge talking add thats your dad.
If you cant find a good man you have to find another game plan.
Find a reason to the kind of men you attract,
Check your dad and who he was and this case might crack.
I didn't get to do that cause mines died of a heart attack.
But here i am stating these facts.
At some point you have no choice but to look within you
seek for the truth you must subdue
to find that imprint in your heart you must undo
to learn the number one lessons on self-value that's overdue.

In loving memory of my Dad
Jhon Carlos Florez

Saturday, June 18, 2011

"Flo-Wing" 1WORD Feat. Flower. poetry back and fourth

ATTENTION : This is a collaboration, my first at that. It's been on my mind for a while and I decided to unite with someone who has a unique view towards poetry. I believe we all have our own authentic thoughts but when it comes down to it were one in the same. To all my poets much love, keep flowing! This is life!... This right here... is what it's like when minds COLLIDE! Enjoy!

-Title : Flo-Wing

[1WorD(Me-Roger) & [Flower]

Verse 1 - [1WrD]

I'm at a drought for words
The chords are dead silent
Soon to be revived by Poem Lords
They keep my flow vibrant
1... 2... and...
It's my heart letting out that stream
An incredible high full of expression
With my eyes open to a world full of steam
I'm here to clear up this gloomy session
Move the clouds to the side for an open view
I'm on queue to show you your dreams
Everything isn't what it seems
So come trip with me up to mars
I'll cure those awful scars
The one's you call memories
Replace' em with Flowing medley's
Stay under my "wing"s we'll continue on
To a beautiful place, we'll "flow" on and on
It is my regrets to say it's time to wake up
I was talking in my sleep, must of been the tea
Filled the cup too high I'm an overflowed cup
In this reality I realized dreams are crazy
But now I truly have something to show you love
Here I am to decipher what I see in my minds cove

Verse 2 - [Flower]

I find myself in your same dream spectrum
Inhabitant of a place where my V.I.P. stands for VIVO INEVITABLEMENTE PIENSO.
This beauty capable of blinding my flow
but for bestow I would have to be below.
and I might be above, but I can never reach the top,
My reality collides with my dreams leaving me cogitative.
Too rational to be like the average, who need glue to stick to the true.
but who am I to blame you for missing the glue of curiosity?
I got 1WORD deciphering what he sees inside his soul,
well I'm here to tell you you're not alone.
Grinding on the idea of apprehending life on your own.
trying to reach deep understanding of the unknown.
Gifted ones are meant to suffer.
We learned from the scars of hell and back.
But with our expression we attack,
killing the misery of with a smack.
There's really nothing we lack when it comes to being a lord.
Poetry we adore, and understanding I implore.
& with this combination I smitten.
I never ask for more,
because I got all I need in store.

Verse 3 - [1WrD]

All it is, is the chemical's reacting in my brain
They continue Flowing even when my pen drops
I've gone insane in my own world full of stains
Black lettering; the alphabet is bold, their growing crops
I water my words and make sentences out of them
You never seen a plant flourish the way I've grown
Coming up, here to show you a brand new perspective
Taking poetry to another level, look at what I've sewn
Pay attention I'm going to make my work massive
I'm turning your blank paper into your future thoughts
I'm ahead of time got yous caught in knots
It's going to take awhile to catch up to me
But no worries I'll be delivering daily
My columns will be a must read day to day
Like metro's horoscope's on a Monday
I'm out of tone on this verse, hope no one minds
But I'm definitely here to shine, cK unwinds
With her lyrical tornado set to enforce a new style
Were in it for the long run we've been far from a mile
It's time we reached out to a publisher or a record label
We deserve more on the table; more than a fable.....
Now rewind back into time to understand the last line I send
Damn much love to all my people, tE this is the end

Verse 4 (Flower)

We sure are in it for the long run mate
I don't chase money I chase dream gates.
Trying to make it through the day that's growing like the plant that nourishes me under the rain.
It could be snow or just my tornado words in vein.
But I'm still standing tall against pain.
The struggle for the forgotten value of the true word
asking individuals what they see, but its all a blur.
Can't see through the visible?
looking like this real shits invisible?
killed by your thought that's divisible.
Too much information at once,
its making your brain come undone.
I free my hand and my mind to fly away into my imagination
I come face to face with aberrations,
but my foundation is the wildest compensation.
and there's full relation between your street education,
and your final destination.
You are what you became from the bits and pieces of your failures.
don't try to to tell me who what when, if you didn't live it,
learn from the hole you fell in, don't try to fit in.
Or your knowledge going to end up splitting,
between the truth and the lie that hides behind your skin that's thinning.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

I have a vision

My vision more than that is a dream. I call it vision because i imagine it more than i dream it. A dream seems mediocre, a vision applies to the law of attraction that some day in the future my planet will be this way. I have a vision that some day in the future my brothers and sisters will realize and acknowledge that our race is inter-dependent. We must first learn to be completly self-reliant in every emotional, physical and economical related rea. We must simply learn to let go and not hold grudges against people even if you were the victim. REMEMBER FOR EVERY ABUSER THERE IS A VICTIM. YOU NEED BOTH ROLES FOR THE SITUATION. If people dont hurt us how will we learn? the point is to cut this problem from the root. If we were considerate with each others feelings we wouldnt have to teach each other lessons. Then we want to play god in peoples life and thats not how we were created. We were created as individual gods with enough power to move mountains. Im glad most people think im crazy because the power we hold is unimaginable. But although we are individually each there’s one thing you cant cover up. The power of our words in other peoples lives. The law of attraction, in other words; PRAYING. Praying is real. whether is to god for yourself, simply hoping for the best or just the intense thought when you wish the worse upon somebody. Like when a mother lives her life constantly telling her son that he will be a failure. Thats the power of the mothers word, probably one of the most dangerous ones if the hope is negative. This is how regardless of our individuality we are still responsible for one another. We always exchange energy with people and how we feel inside has to do with the type of enegy we give or get. From a show of appreciation for the being you are or an envious vibe. The type of energy you give is reflected in how you handle the bad energy you get. That defines your relations with others. Do you let life turn you into monster or do you accept life’s law of the brightside of suffering? Your life, your choice and your attitutde.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Flower Never quits

I never quit a game. My fellow initial teammate quit once he realized it was him and me against four. I decided to stick to the game after being down 0-80 in a game of domination. This is what happend next...


"You superstitious? throw salt over your shoulders. Make a wish for the day cuz Like somebody got a doll of me Stickin' needles in my arteries But I can't feel it. Sometimes it's like 'pardon me, but I got a real big spirit' I'm fearless.... I'm fearless. Don't you try and grab hold of my soul. It's like a military soldier since seven years old. I held real dead bodies in my arms. Felt their body turn cold, oh Why we born in the first place If this is how we gotta go?" -Nas